Raising awareness

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Tomorrow starts with us

We believe the power to create a better tomorrow starts with us. Through the choices we make, we all play our part in creating a sustainable future for future generations.

The conversation on sustainability is ever evolving, as is the action needed to tackle the global challenge sustainable development presents. We seek to empower our people and leaders with the knowledge to deliver sustainable stewardship on a range of topics across the social, environment and economic agenda.  Providing the information, support and tools to make informed decisions day to day, we aim to influence behaviours on a range of topics to reach our vision of a better tomorrow and a future we seek to protect.

Focused on the Environment

Since the formation of Wood, we have observed a number of global calendar events dedicated to environmental awareness.  Linking to the theme of each recognition day, we place a spotlight on the actions of our people, as well as the services we deliver that support the environment.

  • Earth Day (April)
  • International Day for Biological Diversity
  • World Environment Day (June)
  • Plastic Free July

Focused on Social development

Shining a light on a range of social issues that focus on supporting a fair transition to a greener future, we seek to promote inclusive growth that leaves nobody behind in our vision of a better tomorrow.  Key dates in the Wood calendar include:

Doing the right thing

Striving to create a culture where our people choose to do the right thing, we place a continued focus on our code of conduct and the decisions our people make, that helps to shape our reputation as a partner of choice.  Through our annual ethics training and communication plan, we promote regular discussion and debate on how we conduct our business; Extending the conversation to our external stakeholders on the work we do and our impact on sustainable development, our presence and commitment on the world stage at key events such as the United Nations Climate Change conference (COP) and Davos, help us work together on collective challenges towards a more prosperous future.

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