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Decarbonisation at the heart of Wood’s growth strategy

Solutions for a low-carbon future

Decarbonisation is critical to address climate risks and build a more sustainable world.

At Wood, we help accelerate our client’s journey towards a low-carbon future with solutions that are investable, deliverable and scalable. We work across multiple end markets with a focus on high emitting sectors including oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals and mining.

See decarbonisation factsheet

Our Expertise

  • undefined biogas-cameroon-1920.jpg
    Case study
    Biogas energy allows villages to thrive in Cameroon
    With goals of advancing the energy transition, there is increasing demand that biomass in the form of wood, agricultural residues and other organic materials are vital components of the renewable energy mix.
  • undefined GettyImages-1370838389b.jpg
    Case study
    Humber Zero project
    Accelerating UK industrial decarbonisation with landmark Humber Zero project
  • undefined Hywind_banner.jpg
    Case study
    Hywind Tampen
    Contributing to further development of floating offshore wind technology and reducing the costs of future floating offshore wind farms
  • undefined OGCI_CI_banner.jpg
    Case study
    OGCI Climate Investments
    Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Climate Investments (OGCI CI) on a first-of-its-kind project to reduce CO2 emissions in the North east of England.
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